Zoom Piano Lessons

Greetings and a warm welcome to Piano Ca Dab Ra!

For several years, I had the privilege of providing private piano instruction in my Sarasota, Florida studio. My time with incredible clients was not just about teaching music; it was about sharing in their musical journeys, each one a source of inspiration.

Now, I’m thrilled to extend that experience to you through online lessons via Zoom. While we may not be in the same room, I believe we can recreate the same inviting and casual environment to address your musical aspirations directly.

If the idea of online lessons is new to you, don’t worry – we’ll make the transition seamless. Before we begin, we can ensure you’re comfortable with the setup. Just drop me a message with any concerns you might have. All you need is an internet connection, the Zoom software downloaded to your device, and a camera (like the one on your laptop) focused on your piano keys.

I eagerly anticipate the pleasure and privilege of connecting with you on this musical journey!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the session and looking forward to the next one. Thanks 😊

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