Do you have any idea of the kind of musical magic you're capable of in as little as 30 days?

Is it really a "piano teacher" you're looking for?

You were born to embrace the thrill of creation, not just to follow in another’s footsteps. If you only want to learn how to read music and play the notes on a piano, almost any teacher can help with that. But I offer something more. While understanding the basics is essential, it’s not the key to discovering the unknown. 

Imagine experiencing music as a journey to understand yourself better. How do you view your mindset? Do you welcome the unknown with curiosity and excitement, or do you stick to familiar routines, just getting through each day? When faced with something new, do you shy away, thinking, “That’s not for me,” or do you approach it with wonder, asking, “Where might this lead?”

Tom Lehrer once said, “Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” I’ve noticed that people often approach piano playing the same way they approach life. But the reverse is also true: we can learn about ourselves and how we experience life through the piano. It’s not just about creating music; it’s about tuning into our true selves.

Perhaps you know what it's like to prop up a lead sheet to a favorite standard tune like "Skylark" or "As Time goes By" or another favorite. All you're given is a lead line and chord symbols. Wouldn't it be great to put yourself into this song? I mean, without having the constraints of having to live up to someone else's idea of how it should be played? Well, freedom is where it's at... music can teach you a lot about that. 

Maybe you have no piano playing experience whatsoever. How would it feel to just be able to sit down at that piano or keyboard of yours and instantly be able to play something "off the cuff?" Trust me, you are capable of this - and it won't take long at all.

If you’ve ever felt confined by a limited perspective, holding back from pursuing your dreams... if you want to approach playing music (and the game of life) with a more open mind, I might be the "piano teacher" for you. Break free from the barriers that have held you back and discover the joy of a more fulfilling daily experience. Let’s explore this journey together.    Get Started

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