EZ Blues Piano Concepts To Help You Instantly Sound Good

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Love blues piano? If you’re a beginner and would like access to a way to start sounding good within a very short amount of time, then this video session is for you…


Blues piano lesson for beginnersLet’s play the blues! It doesn’t take a whole lot of experience to extract enough juice from this video session so that you can start having fun playing some cool sounding blues piano. We’ll use a few chords (C7, F7, and G7), employ a few basic piano rhythms, and balance it all out with some blues piano licks that will lead you to playing a blues that you can feel good about. You’ll also be encouraged to enjoy the freedom of customizing everything discussed here to a way that suits your personal taste. Enjoy instant access to this blues piano session which is a little over a half-hour in length, put on those shades, and start bangin’ out some bluesy sounds at that piano or keyboard of yours. Learn more


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