Piano Beginners Mini-Course: Instant Fun With Piano Chords

Welcome! I created this Mini-Course for you if having fun at the piano (or keyboard) is an aspiration of yours and you’re looking for an easy way to start doing that… AND sound good from the very beginning.

Although the motivation for creating this series of lessons was to provide an easy way for beginners to enjoy instant results, I do realize that there are many advanced players with a traditional background who lack an understanding of piano chords. If you would like to get a handle on them for the purpose of wanting to dive into the pop or jazz genres, this simple approach might be of some benefit to you.

Since this Mini-Course is aimed at instant results, we’re getting right into playing chords while being able to read music is not a requisite here. While it’s true that learning to read music is a worthwhile skill that will open all kinds of musical doors for you, this series is designed to get you to start making music without that skill.

You see, as a very young child, you learned to express yourself verbally very early. You were speaking words phrases, and sentences that you learned by hearing others in your environment… and you did this long before you learned how to read or write any of language that you were expressing. Imagine if you were discouraged from ever speaking anything until you learned to read or write. That would be rather ludicrous, of course.

Since music is indeed a language, we can approach it in a similar way. Not only will you be immediately playing some nice sounds by watching and listening, you will also be putting yourself in touch with concepts that will be conducive to nurturing your natural ability to play music by ear.

I’m excited for you. I want you to gain genuine value from your time with me. As you proceed, I welcome your questions and feedback, too, so please feel free to contact me.

Welcome to Zoom piano lessons with Dave




Let’s begin, shall we?

Lesson #1

Lesson #2

Lesson #3

Lesson #4

Stay tuned for more!