Four 45-Minute Sessions (4 consecutive weeks)


Four 45-minute sessions for 4 consecutive weeks at Piano Ca Dab Ra! With this plan, you can save $40 per month!



Four 45-minute sessions for 4 consecutive weeks at Piano Ca Dab Ra!

With a special Monthly Saver code provided to you, this package offers you the opportunity to save $40 on a month’s worth of lessons (your fee would be just $140). There are some specific guidelines that are to be understood prior to ordering. Here they are:

Qualifying for the Monthly Saver Plan is easy. Just submit your payment on or before your due date (the date of the first of your four sessions). Please note that you are reserving four 45-minute sessions that are to be specifically assigned to four exact dates and times. This purchase will reflect a $40 savings since the regular price of a 45-minute session is $45. Each session’s date and time cannot be altered and no make-up lessons will be issued for no attendance due to any reason (unless the lesson does not take place due to your instructor’s request). Your lesson must take place on the date and time assigned and no refunds will be issued. Thank you for understanding.

Please visit here to view details of this plan in their entirety

Contact us at Piano Ca Dab Ra! to arrange an assigned date and time for each lesson prior to ordering.


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