Piano Lessons For Kids In Sarasota

Piano Lessons For Kids In Sarasota, Florida

Piano Lessons For Kids In Sarasota, FloridaWe offer  instruction to people of all ages here at Piano Ca Dab Ra! Yes, we have piano lessons for kids. As a matter of fact, if you have a son or daughter for whom you are considering lessons, we would like to acknowledge a few important points.

Among the youngsters we currently provide lessons to are:

1) those who have had no previous experience

2) those who were involved with lessons elsewhere and they and/or their parents determined a more creative learning approach was desired

Let’s face it. When it comes to lessons, a child’s earliest experiences will have an impact for a long time to come. That being true, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s crucial that his or her beginning stages of learning ought to be positive.

Some Important Considerations

So, what does this mean ? What exactly constitutes a “positive” experience? Well, most importantly, the rapport between your child and the teacher needs to be a favorable one. For that to be so, the teacher needs to have the flexibility to be able to adapt your son or daughter’s personality and learning patterns. He or she has certain strengths that need to be nurtured. In addition, challenging situations should be approached in a manner that is conducive to increasing self esteem and confidence.

 “I Think I Can… I Think I Can… I Know I Can”

Speaking of challenges, the learning process should not be equated with an uphill battle along the way. It should be a fun journey. We find that the more Piano Lessons In Sarasota - A Positive Experience For Kidsenjoyable the whole process is, the more progress there is. This sometimes involves diversion from one course of activity to another in order to maintain the student’s interest. It also calls for a teacher who has the sensitivity to recognize such opportunities.

The Musical Genius Within

It is our conviction that each of us is born with an innate desire and ability to create and express ourselves musically. This means that, although learning basic fundamentals such as reading and interpreting music are important, a well-balanced musical education is not limited to these.

Imagine the confidence your youngster will have when he or she can play something they heard on a recording… or write a song! There are most certainly not far-fetched ideas. With the right encouragement, there is no limit to what can be accomplished!

At Piano Ca Dab Ra! it is our desire to help the student realize his or her musical potential in a manner that is fun, thought-provoking, and rewarding. We consider it both a privilege and pleasure that you are considering placing your confidence in us.