Adult Piano Lessons: Are You Hesitating?

Are You An Adult Who Has Doubts?

Piano Lessons For AdultsWhat prevents most adults from getting involved with piano lessons despite the fact that they have a sincere desire to learn and have fun at those keys? If you fall into this category, perhaps knowing that those obstacles don’t even come close to being justified will give you reason to reconsider.

Experience has shown that many adults who have entertained the idea of piano lessons fail to take that essential first step of making contact with a prospective teacher because of one of more of the following reasons:

1) They fear that enough time won’t be available for practicing

2) They fear that their capacity to learn can’t compare to that of younger students and feel that the teacher will somehow place judgement on them

3) They fear having to live up to certain expectations of the teacher

4) They fear that they simply don’t have musical ability

If you have had reservations consistent with any of the above (or with their own twist), you have been misdirected by thoughts that are providing you with no value whatsoever. That’s enough proof that you need to expose yourself to a more objective perspective. been

You see, whatever has held you back is fear of one form or another. At Piano Can Dab Ra!, we have been face with lots of adults who have shared similar feelings. However, our experience has shown that it only takes one session in our studio for a person to realize that all those fears have no “legs” to support them. At that pivotal point, the focus is placed on what is possible. Yes, it makes the beginning of a fun journey. After all, that’s what it ought to be!

So, if you are an adult who has experienced those reservations and have allowed them to hold you back from getting started with piano lessons, take us up on our invitation to postpone them long enough to schedule that first session. You’re in for a treat that will prove to make the beginning of many happy, musical returns.