Monthly Saver Plan

The Benefits

Our Monthly Saver Plan serves to mutually benefit students, parents, and the studio. In short, it promotes regular attendance of the student which is most conducive to achieving the kinds of results that are being sought (the primary reason for the plan’s existence).

Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

For regular attendence to be possible, the studio needs to be able to provide you with regularity in terms of a consistent day and time for your lessons to take place. Naturally, when it comes to planning your week, which includes your having a lesson, you want to be able to count on that specific time being available for you. Please understand that if an appointment time is reserved for you, it cannot be used for someone else if you cancel an appointment or do not attend. The studio still needs to be compensated for that time. Our Monthly Saver Plan guarantees you a specific weekly day and time for your lesson to occur via a mutual commitment on behalf of yourself and the studio.

In addition to the obvious benefits that go hand in hand with your making a commitment to yourself, your regular attendance is appreciated by us since we want you to succeed! That said, our Monthly Saver Plan is designed to help express this appreciation by offering you an additional reward in the form of significant monetary savings.

How It Works

When you subscribe to our Monthly Saver Plan, you are essentially establishing a guarantee that a specific weekly day and time will be reserved for your sessions. To do this, you are investing in four-week increments in advance. We want you to obtain exceptional value and it is our hope that you will take advantage of using each and every one of these weekly appointments. However, if you do not, please understand that your prescribed day and time is still being reserved for you. Your investment is being applied to this reservation, whether you are present or not. This plan does not make exceptions, no alternate times or make-up lessons can be established, and no refunds are issued. That being understood, your subscription to our Monthly Saver Plan affords you the opportunity to save significantly over both the short term and long term (even when sessions are missed).

For example, the fee paid for a 60-minute session is $60. An individual who pays weekly will have invested $240 for four consecutive sessions. With our Monthly Saver Plan, you will invest $180 in advance for the same number of time slots. With this plan, even if you miss one lesson per month (higher than average), you will have invested the same $180 that the person paying weekly would have for the same number of lessons. A significant advantage is that, with the Monthly Saver Plan, you have the option of taking advantage of a fourth lesson essentially at no cost.

The Alternative

The alternative to our Monthly Saver Plan is to “pay as you go. ”A person who chooses this option will be guaranteed one appointment at a time and will pay the regular lesson fee. If you have a specific day and time that you agree to be present for, payment for that session is due on or before the day of that session. Subsequent sessions will be reserved for you one week at a time. Please understand that if it is your intention to have less than three sessions per four-week period, this option will not benefit you for two reasons: 1) Infrequent attendance is not conducive to achieving significant results; 2) The studio will have two or more session times per four-week period that cannot be otherwise utilized to benefit anyone. If such a situation occurs, the student will forfeit any future reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is payment due with the Monthly Saver Plan?

Payment is due on or prior to the first of four sessions that are being reserved.

What about vacations and sick days?

With our Monthly Saver Plan, when you look at your investment over the long term, you will see that you still save significantly. Considering the special pricing that you are taking advantage of with this plan, no exceptions are made.*

We paid for four sessions via the Monthly Saver Plan and just had our fourth appointment. We won’t be here next week, so are we responsible for paying for that?

With the Monthly Saver Plan, it is understood that you want your day and time to be available for when you return to take advantage of the same savings for subsequent sessions. Therefore, you would be responsible for payment for that week.

What happens when if the studio is not open for our regular appointment day and time?

*The student will never be responsible for payment for any particular week that the studio is not available for a lesson. Any monies paid will automatically be carried forward and credited.

Again, it is our pleasure to reward your commitment to our Monthly Saver Plan. We have illustrated the savings that you will be enjoying compared to paying our regular fees below:

30-minute time slot regular fee – $35 each

30-minute time slots with Monthly Saver Plan – $30 each

45-minute time slot regular fee – $45 each

45-minute time slots with Monthly Saver Plan – $35 each

60-minute time slot regular fee – $60 each

60-minute time slot with Monthly Saver Plan – $45 each

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